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As I stroll through the amazing untouched scenery in Nigeria, listening to the birds whistle and taking in thefresh air, I was privileged to stumble across Mother nature’s best kept secret. They call it ‘Moringa Tea’.

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                                                            Shy but well endowed 

Bitter but works magic in the body
Some say it’s a SuperFood, I say it’s the tree of life.

Used mainly for health purposes, I was inspired to give this beauty a new dimension, a recreational purpose with an amazing taste where we all can enjoy its goodness with our friends and family while having a good time.

Back in the UK, fate with have it that Tequila happened to be my drink of choice. Its rich caramel oaky but slightly harsh taste really resonated with me.

I knew immediately that there was magic to be made by infusing both ingredients together. Even through this would make for the most unusual combination, it surprisingly worked perfectly. The only things missing was a dash of agave nectar to soothing the experience.


Together, it formed a taste that Riddled your taste buds but yet flowed so peacefully like a Fountain. I call it The Fountain of Riddles

Charlie Kaane (The Chemist)

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